Simplify the collection of patient-reported outcomes.
Gain an objective picture of patient health.

DigiBio enables biopharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and physicians to collect digital biomarkers across all clinical trials and therapeutic areas.


"DigiBio incorporates both active and passive data collection methods, making it easy to incorporate traditional and objective assessments in daily life"

Kyle Minor, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychology, IUPUI

Going Digital- The Optimum Solution in Patient-Centered Research

DigiBio is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based mobile and web platform which reduces the time it takes to design, implement and manage clinical trials while reducing trial cost and enhancing data quality.

Continuous real-time data acquisition
Increased sensitivity through higher frequency data capture
Higher ecological validity of patient response
Collect the data that is most important to your study
Keep patients engaged and compliant
Enable multi-domain digital measurements
Improved reliability based on objective measures
Ability to capture and explore complex datasets and measurements

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